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País: Suecia Suecia

Clase, [Tipo]: [ASR].

Constructor: Scheepswerf de Hoop, Lobith, Netherlands.

Fecha alta: 15 de octubre de 1992.

Desplazamiento ( tm ): 6.150.

Dimensiones ( metros ): 104,9 x 18 x 5,1

Velocidad ( nudos ): 12.

Dotación: 25 + up to 40 salvage party, including divers.

Helicóptero: Has a 22m helicopter deck aft.

Comentario: Ex - Energy Supporter. Built in 1985, and purchased by the Swedish Navy in 1992. Former oilfield supply, firefighting, and diver maintenance support vessel. Refitted in Rio de Janeiro prior to delivery. Carries several equipment for diving and rescue operations, including a mini-submersible called URF..

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